Marian's first novel, “Answers to Absolutely Every Question - The Afterlife of George Bradshaw” will be out soon.

When George Bradshaw dies his problems are only just beginning.

Dying because you fell off your pushbike while drunk is bad enough, but when George wakes up dead in the afterlife and learns the truth about his own life, the people he left behind and the secrets they kept from him, all he wants is to go back and put things right.

With a little help from his ethereal mentor, George discovers there may be a way to go back.

But first there's the little matter of Ray the butcher, his love rival, who George killed in an uncharacteristic fit of rage. Because Ray is in the afterlife too and is understandably very cross…



About me

Marian Smith was born and raised in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

She has been writing stories in her head since she was a teenager but started committing them to paper about fifteen years ago. She joined a creative writing class and is now secretary of a local writers' group.

Her main focus was performance poetry until fiction took a hold. She has had short stories and poems published in her writers' group anthologies and one story published online.



Wed, May 23, 2018

Marian's first novel, “Answers to Absolutely Every Question” won an award!

She has won the Andrea Badenoch Award as part of the Northern Writers' Awards, run by New Writing North with support from Northumbria University and Arts Council England